Show graph data like Pie and Bar using the Pie object and data from UDT

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3D Graphics like Pie and Bars

Welcome to our tutorial on showing graph data like Pie and Bars using the Pie object and data from UDT.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the key features of Wasp3D Designer that allow you to create dynamic and visually appealing #pie graphs for television and live #broadcasting and how you can simply manage its data.

Create stunning pie graphs by dragging the BG from the favorite pool and importing the 3D model. Design the screen with a realistic touch using the rectangle tool and apply a bevel to round the edges. Create a refractive material for a glassy effect. Animate your pie graph using the Pie tool and the Track View panel.

Customize the animation by adjusting parameters like position offset and angle offset to display values on the individual slices. Add a 3D look to your pie graph by using the bevel feature or extrude. Effortlessly integrate data into your pie graph using the User Defined Table (UDT). Link the UDT table to the Pie data section and customize the colors of table columns to match the pie chart. Create legends for the data using the Tile and table text tools. Enhance your graph with particle systems for effects like smoke, fire, and bubbles.

Fine-tune the particle settings and apply materials for realistic effects. Enable particle reflection on the floor for a dynamic background. Create Action Sets to change the pie type and manage multiple actions in a sequence.

Design interactive forms using the User Defined Table Editor for dynamic on-air graphics. Add depth and dimension to your graph with the Omni Light tool. Create a light controller for managing the light’s animation and add multiple copies of lights in various colors for added visual appeal.

Create playlists, load templates, and edit forms for dynamic on-air graphics. Dive into the world of Live Graphics design with Wasp3D Designer and create stunning graphics and animations for television and live streaming.

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