Live Data Integration in 3D Real-Time Graphics

Create Livestreams like a PRO

  • Live Data Integration with Graphics using JSON, XML, SQL, etc.
  • Incorporate your applications seamlessly by utilizing the WASP API.
  • Create tables for managing complex Live Graphics data using UDT.
  • Design and animate visually compelling infographics using AI shapes and 3D models.
  • Supports multiple NDI/SDI live video inputs.

Live Data Integration with Graphics

Establish connections with real-time data feeds such as XML, RSS, JSON, eSports Game API, and others. Achieve instant on-air graphic updates with live data. Generate data graphics such as bars, pie charts, line graphs, and more.

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Integrate with WASP3D API

Empower 3rd party developers to design a control interface for overseeing the play, loading, triggering, and data changes of multiple graphics. Facilitates seamless integration with external applications.

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User Defined Tables (UDT)

Generate tables for handling intricate data on Live Graphics with UDT. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, similar to MS Excel or Google Sheets.

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Graphics with AI shapes and 3D models.

Elevate your designs by importing texture-baked 3D models or Adobe Illustrator vectors. Animate and seamlessly integrate them with data for dynamic on-air presentations.

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SDI/NDI Live Productions

Supports multiple NDI/SDI live video inputs. Connect Live video callers using NDI and multi-camera SDI Live Productions simultaneously.

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