Revolutionizing Live Graphics for eSports Tournaments

Scoreboards, overlays, Player profiles & more.

Real-Time eSports Graphics with Live Data Integration

  • Display Live data from databases, XML/JSON, gsheet, and social media. Sync Graphics trigger with popular game APIs.
  • Import 3D FBX game models in 360-degree
  • Manage graphics play order and rundown with ease.


Live Data Integration in Real Time Graphics 

Showcase real-time data from databases, XML/JSON, Google Sheets, and social media, while synchronizing graphic triggers with prominent game APIs.

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Data & Graphic Control by hosting Custom Application

Create a Personalized Player control interface and get access to multiple graphics’ play, loading and triggering. Make changes to data directly on LIVE.

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Import 3D .FBX models to enhance eSports livestream

Add exotic 3D eSports Graphics to your Live Stream.

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Learn and Community Support

Step-by-step tutorials for flawless production.

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