Complete, self-contained, Real-time 3D Graphics Design Environment

Professional Designer Application

  • Comprehensive solution for 3D motion graphics, virtual sets, AR graphics, DVE, and multi-touch presentations.
  • Top-quality materials featuring PBR support, IBL, an integrated timeline with controls, and compatibility with various texture and video formats.
  • Precision graphics with DX12 support—Asynchronous Compute, Multi-GPU, and Advanced Memory Management.
  • Blend live data into motion graphics without coding using data add-ins. Connect with JSON, XML, SQL, ODBC, Google Sheets, Excel, and more.

Experience familiarity and ease with our software interface

2D/3D design environment with cameras, materials, lighting, textures and timeline for animating the design scene. Modern and customizable interface, template and virtual set design environment.

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Materials & Lighting

Immerse yourself in advanced graphics featuring Phong shading, environmental and image-based lighting (IBL), directional and omni-lights, PBR materials, real-time reflections, refractions, and cubic DDS texture support.

Dive into object and texture blending, along with post-process effects such as bloom, glow, depth of field, SSAO, blur, and more, to elevate visual impact and craft photorealistic environments.

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Import textures from various formats like BMP, DDS, WebP, PNG, HDR, JPG, JFIF, Animated GIFs, TGA.

Also, support 24-bit and 32-bit video files (AVI, MPG, MOV, MP4*, MP3, WAV) with multi-codec compatibility.

Leverage native textures like Gradient, Gradient Remap, Lensflare, Render Texture, and Snapshot. Integrate SDI and NDI Live as dynamic textures, easily applying them to diverse primitives.

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User Defined Tables (UDT)

Generate tables for handling intricate data on Live Graphics with UDT. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, similar to MS Excel or Google Sheets.

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Effortless Content Management Forms

Personalized Data Entry interface for each graphic template to create new instances. Enhance your content with rich text features such as Bold, Italics, and more. Edit live without the need of the design application.

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Graphics with AI shapes and 3D models.

Elevate your designs by importing texture-baked 3D models or Adobe Illustrator vectors. Animate and seamlessly integrate them with data for dynamic on-air presentations.

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Mirror Reflection & Refractions

Enhance your scenes with real-time floor mirrors and environmental reflections using Render Target and cubic DDS environment maps.

Explore lifelike refractions with snapshot textures for a more immersive visual experience.

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Rich Text with Text Animations

Utilize the versatility of rich text features found in document formatting software. Text objects perform various functions, including countdowns, dates, clocks, and integers, complemented by Text String Formatting capabilities. Graphic artists can employ integrated text presets and create unlimited unique character animations, such as typing, fly-ins, erasing, translating, scaling, and rotating. Empower journalists with styles and text editing within data entry forms.

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Rapid Design of Animated League Tables & Scorecards

Craft and animate your entire scorecard effortlessly using a single tile and table text object. Customize visual properties for individual columns, and seamlessly link all data to an Excel sheet or similar tabular data through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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Bar, Pie & Line Graphs

Generate visually appealing, ready-to-use bar and pie charts with seamless live data integration. Craft bar graphs and various pie chart styles effortlessly using our specialized graph object, integrating data with colors and aligned text without the need for coding.

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Step-by-step tutorials for flawless production.

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