Playout Server

Live Graphics Delivery (playout) Application

Ensure Seamless Graphics Delivery Across Network

  • Graphics delivery for production control room, master control room, video wall, virtual set, touch screen, NLE.
  • Dual output capable render engine.
  • Different resolutions and format support.
  • Multiple SDI I/O boards support.

Production Control Room

The system offers sophisticated, real-time rendering of multiple live graphics, including data-intensive visuals, with each graphic querying the database for the latest information before rendering. It also provides comprehensive performance statistics accessible to both IT and graphic personnel for efficient monitoring and optimization.

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Master Control Room

The platform facilitates on-the-fly delivery of live graphics like tickers, bugs, and logos, seamlessly incorporating real-time data changes. It introduces a unique Z-order concept for setting layer rendering priority, ensuring precise control over graphic hierarchy and presentation.

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The WASP3D Video Wall Server can generate up to four DVI outputs, each at 1920 x 1080 pixels, resulting in an impressive 8K video wall graphic output. Additionally, it seamlessly connects to a 4K video wall using four 1920 x 1080 HDMI resolution inputs.

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The Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software streamlines data-driven storytelling with dynamic graphics. It supports 42 multi-touch gestures for interactive content presentation and includes built-in Telestration functions for real-time highlighting and drawing. Customizable shapes, brushes, colors, and thickness options enhance presentations.

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The system efficiently renders 3D graphics and videos to optimize aired content. Users have the flexibility to select file formats and compressions according to their preferences. Additionally, it enables rendering in various video formats, including alpha, compression codecs, and PNG or TIFF image sequences.

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NLE Frame Server

The system removes the need to create video clips of graphical assets and grants full access to all WASP3D graphic templates. Users can input new data instances into templates, integrating them directly into the NLE video timelines, streamlining the process of incorporating dynamic graphics.


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Different resolutions and format support for multiple SDI I/O boards.

The system supports diverse resolutions and formats for inputs, along with I/O Cards from AJA and Blackmagic, offering users flexibility and seamless integration options.

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Dual Output Capable Render Engine.

Each render engine has 2 output channels, configurable as VGA or SDI, offering flexibility for various display setups.

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