Vset One

Tracked and Trackless Virtual Production System

Bring Physical Sets to Life with Virtual Objects!

  • Use data-driven 3D AR graphics in Real and virtual studio setups
  • FreeD protocol supporting tracking devices for effortless tracking
  • Turn small Chroma setups into Big Virtual Studios
  • Real-Time Virtual Camera Animations and Oscillations
  • Play with AR objects – animate, move, scale, and rotate.

3D AR Models in Real studios

Incorporate dynamic data-driven AR Graphics into your physical studios.  Import FBX files, complete with motion capture (MOCAP) data easily accessible online.

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FreeD Protocol Supported Tracking System

Wasp3D leverages the FreeD protocol, a real-time camera tracking standard, for seamless integration of virtual elements into live broadcasts. Utilizing accurate positional data from camera sensors, WASP3D enhances visual experiences in sports, concerts, and live events by synchronizing physical and virtual elements, elevating the overall production quality.

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Immersive Realism Starts Here

Use Wasp3D CineKeyer for the perfect chroma key. Seamlessly transform small setups into captivating 3D Virtual Sets, even for intricate details like individual hairs.

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Real World Virtual Camera Animations and Oscillations

Achieve dynamic visuals effortlessly, no extra equipment or personnel required, thanks to Virtual Camera Animations.

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Learn and Community Support

Step-by-step tutorials for flawless production.

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