Playout Client

Live Graphics Playlist Manager

Robust Graphics Rundown Manager

  • Simultaneous rendering and playback of multiple graphics from various playlists in a Program
  • Suitable for News Stations even without NRCS (Newsroom Computer System)
  • Manual firing of PCR graphics and automated scroller functionality
  • Utilize Preview and Program windows for comprehensive control over live and upcoming On-Air graphics
  • Streamline playout of multiple graphics through a single, user-friendly Panel Playlist interface

Programs & Playlist

The WASP3D Sting Server efficiently manages simultaneous rendering and playout of graphics from multiple playlists, organized into Programs for streamlined management. Users retain control by defining the z-order for each playlist, influencing the rendering order during on-air playout, ensuring precise and flexible control over graphic presentations.

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Standard Playlist

The Sting Client provides a Rundown-based playlist tailored for graphics, making it ideal for news-based stations lacking an NRCS system. It also offers a standard playlist suitable for manual PCR graphics, alongside an automated mode designed for scrollers and crawlers, catering to diverse broadcasting needs efficiently.

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CG Playlist

Employ the Preview and Program windows to exercise full command over both the Live Graphic and the upcoming On-Air graphic.

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Panel Playlist

For live on-air events such as sports or elections, non-linear triggering is essential. The Panel Playlist feature in Drone Designer streamlines operations by allowing users to customize layouts for instant playback of pre-designed templates, ensuring smooth and efficient execution of dynamic content during broadcasts.

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Render Playlist

The Render Playlist feature in WASP3D allows templates in the rundown to be seamlessly rendered to file, functioning in harmony with the WASP3D R2D server. It is specifically designed to generate graphics for post-production requirements, catering to various platforms such as NLE, mobile, and web, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in content creation.

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