Empowering External Developers to Create and Host Custom Apps for ontrolling multiple graphics.

Comprehensive Control On Multi Graphics Management

  • Helps developers create custom applications for broadcast & interactive graphics.
  • Utilize API to seamlessly bind WASP3D scenes to scoring applications, wire feeds, and databases. Send synchronized data to the Sting Server rendering engine for on-air playout.
  • Consists of APIs such as Scene API, Playlist API, Shot-Box API, Workflow API, Automation API & Add-In API.


The behavior of any WASP3D scene, its objects, and elements can be altered based on a frame or event triggered during playout.

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  • Shot Box API for Hosting: Host custom applications in Sting Client using Shot Box API.
  • Player Control Interface: Create a personalized player control interface. Easily manage multiple graphics’ play, loading, triggering, and data changes.
  • Seamless External Integration: Open doors to seamlessly integrate external applications.
  • Data Design Templates: API provides classes to load and mold data design templates on Sting Server.
  • Communication Protocol: API wraps the underlying protocol for communication through helper functions.
  • Custom Solutions: Empowers developers to create custom solutions for broadcast and interactive graphics.
  • Multi-Server Connectivity: Connect multiple Sting Servers using different communication channels.


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Control the Sting Server via TCP/IP commands and integrate with third-party systems like automation systems to load/control WASP3D scenes. Developers can use built-in web socket support to create HTML5-based applications for playout control of WASP3D templates, ensuring flexible content management.

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The WASP3D templates offer a drag-and-drop interface for integrating data sets, while reusing business logic components simplifies data binding for complex templates, enhancing efficiency.

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