Introduction to Designer Interface and creating a Name Band

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Designing the Name Band

Welcome to our tutorial on Wasp3D Designer, a versatile software tool designed for television and live broadcasting.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore:

– The key features of Wasp3D Designer

– Its intuitive interface

– Its powerful capabilities for creating animations, graphics, and visual effects.

– Text Animation panel to apply preset text animations

Easily access recent WASP3D templates and local scene graphs from the Home Tab, providing convenient access to your saved work.

In the Design Tab, you’ll find the Viewport, Menu Bar, Toolbars, and other essential tools for creating and editing scenes, making it easy to navigate and use the software.

Learn how to create objects such as rectangles and 3D text effortlessly. Modify object properties such as width, height, and color using the Parameters panel. Use keyboard shortcuts for quick transformations and apply textures to objects.

Animate objects using the Track View panel, enabling auto key and setting keyframes for position, rotation, and visibility. Copy and paste animations between objects for a more efficient workflow. Control the animation timeline and playback for precise timing.

Explore the Text Animation panel to apply preset text animations to text objects. Preview and apply animations to text, adjusting parameters like ease in/out for smooth transitions.

Utilize the Opacity Node feature to apply static or animated masks to groups of objects. Create text reveal animations using opacity maps and invert opacity for unique effects.

Learn how to create a Data Entry form for user input. Connect form fields to variables for dynamic data entry. Customize form properties and styles for a seamless user experience. Integrate your designs into the Sting Client for playback.

Create playlists, load templates, and enter data for dynamic on-air graphics. Play your template in the server for a live broadcast. This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the features and capabilities of Wasp3D Designer, showcasing its versatility and ease of use in creating stunning graphics and animations for television and live broadcasting. Explore the endless possibilities of graphic design with Wasp3D Designer today.

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