Mastering AR and CG Graphics in Virtual Sets

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Incorporating AR & CG Graphics in Virtual Sets

This comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Character-Generated Graphics (CG) into your virtual productions!  This video will guide you through the process of creating stunning virtual scenes with AR and CG graphics.

In This Video, You’ll Learn:

  1. Creating and Managing Playlists:’

-How to create a new CG playlist and give it a unique name.

-Drag and drop templates from the template pool into your playlist for a dynamic Rundown.

2. Preview and Program Modes:

-Use the Preview window to view templates off-air and confirm data and animations.

-Switch graphics from Preview to Program with the Take Snap and Take Animate buttons.

3. Seamless Transitions:

-Utilize Take Snap for cut transitions and Take Animate for animated transitions.

-Easily swap graphics between Preview and Program windows.

Shortcut and Row Number Features:

-Enter row numbers to choose specific instances to play next.

-Double-click items in the playlist to load them into the Preview or Program windows.

4. Customizing Graphics:

-Adjust the position and size of graphics using the Edit Instance button.

-Maintain proportionate scaling with X, Y, and Z adjustments.

5. Real-Time Data Modification:

-Instantly update graphic data in real-time for dynamic content changes.

6. Engine Tab Operations:

-Choose presets and animate graphics effortlessly for a seamless experience.

-Incorporate AR and CG graphics smoothly into your virtual production.

7. Standard Playlist Operations:

-Run multiple graphics simultaneously using the Standard Playlist.

-Load instances into multiple players and adjust as needed.

8. Overlay CG Graphics:

-Add captivating CG graphics like Lowerthirds and Fullframes to enhance your presentations.

-Adjust data accordingly to fit your scene perfectly.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have the skills to create professional and engaging virtual productions with AR and CG graphics.

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