Master Design Mode in Our Virtual Set App: Camera Presets, Chroma Key & More!

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Design Mode within the virtual set app

This is a comprehensive tutorial on working in Design Mode within our virtual set app!

In this video, we’ll guide you through the specialized interface designed for seamless production tasks, including

  1. Loading and Unloading Templates:

-Easily access the Template Pool and load your desired Virtual Set templates.

-Store frequently used templates in Quick Access for convenience. Use the Recent folder to quickly find the last 10 templates you’ve used.

2. Creating Camera Presets:

-Learn how to make camera presets to switch, animate, or transition between saved positions.

-Adjust camera angles, field of view (FOV), and create up to 24 presets for each scene.

-Discover how to delete presets and fine-tune positions for optimal results.

3. Chroma Keying:

-Set up and refine chroma settings to eliminate unwanted elements from green screen videos.

-Use recorded videos from local disks or live camera inputs from SDI or NDI sources.

-Save your perfected chroma key settings as presets for future use.

4. Animated Camera Movements:

-Create smooth and dynamic camera movements with the Oscillation control.

-Set positions A and B, adjust the duration, and achieve complete oscillations.

-Highlight presets with completed oscillations in Play mode for easy identification.

5. Object and Texture Transformations:

-Modify object positions, textures, and sizes effortlessly.

-Learn how to use masks and adjust values in the SRT panel for precise transformations.

6. Seamless Transition to Production Mode:

-Switch between Design and Play modes using the toggle button.

-Utilize camera presets, chroma-keying, live matte adjustments, and more for a high-quality production.

By effectively leveraging these powerful features, you can enhance your virtual production process and create remarkable, professional-grade outputs. Whether you’re fine-tuning camera shots or perfecting chroma settings, this tutorial covers everything you need to know!

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