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  • drone designer

    Drone Designer

    Feature-rich design effects & user friendly interface provides unlimited possibilities to an artist imagination to create interactive broadcast graphics.

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  • databuzz


    A flexible Data entry application to edit/ create the data entry form with data elements such as headline, name, breaking news etc., with a real time data preview option.

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  • on-air-playout


    Designed for performance, the Sting On-Air Playout delivers graphics in either of two modes: automated triggering of graphics

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  • waspi mimosa

    WASPi Mimosa

    Designed to entice the viewers, WASPi Mimosa allows you to Pan, Spin & Zoom your info graphics on a touch screen using our interactive application.

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  • virtual set

    Virtual Set

    Tracked and trackless Virtual sets, including augmented reality in a 360 degree interactive environment.

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  • nectar


    WASP3D’s Nectar channel branding module offers a flexible & powerful real-time 3D platform to address automated graphics and advertising in Master Control.

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  • wax


    WAX provides easy sharing & distribution of media assets across the network thus streamlining the process of data storage.

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  • sdk/api


    WASP3D can be adapted to custom workflows. Create your own broadcast & interactive applications using our SDK to suit any particular station requirement.

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