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RTVF - Real Time Video Filters and Effects

To retain & enhance viewership, channels strive for visually intriguing graphics and presentations. The competitive market of music channels, demands new and unique on-air styles frequently.

Introducing RTVF! - a Real time video filter by WASP3D!

RTVF gives producers the flexibility to give different color themes, to the same song, at different time slots.

A video server plays out live video for on air transmission which is further passed through the render engine. In this engine RTVF is applied. RTVF is a unique tool like gradient texture to replace the tonal contrast of the video with desired colors. This tool saves users’ time of taking the video offline and is fully automated.

RTVF is a first of its kind attempt by any real-time graphics company and WASP3D is proud to have delivered it successfully.

Redesign your music video playlists, with WASP3D today!

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