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WASPi Mimosa - Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software

WASPi Mimosa is a non-linear interactive presentation system for “walking the viewer through the story” with dynamic graphics that simplify conveying information based on complex data analysis as commonly found in business news, elections, weather or sports. WASPi Mimosa can be configured to be used with touchscreen displays, tablets, immersive virtual graphics or video walls.

WASPi Mimosa Features


Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software for Gestures control

Graphic artists can visually assign any of 42 multi-touch gestures to any particular graphics object in a scene. These gestures can trigger subsequent actions in the scene to present content in a dynamic and appealing format


Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software for Telestration

Telestration functions are built-in to WASPi Mimosa. Presenters can highlight and draw over the real-time rendered output using Lines, Arrows, Ellipses, Rectangles, or through a Pencil function. The shapes, brush types, brush color and thickness are customizable. Telestration on 3D surfaces is possible within a scene (i.e. presenters can draw on a football pitch displayed in a perspective view).

Customizable Menu System

Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software with Customizable Menu System

The default WASPi Mimosa tools menu can be replaced by custom menus that are specific to a particular type of presentation such as elections, game shows, weather or business news among other applications. Users can design the interface of the interactive functions available to the presenter.

Interactive Video Playback

Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software with Interactive Video Playback

The scrub playback mode lets presenters interact, highlight frame-by-frame and play video files

Communication ADD-IN

Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software equipped with Communication ADD-IN

When working simultaneously with scenes across multiple WASP3D playout servers (i.e. a Sting Server and WASPi Mimosa), the communication add-in allows operators to automatically synchronize data, scene animations and command operations across the various Sting Servers. This enables presenters to use the interactivity features in a touch screen application to trigger events and graphics on a separate Sting Server.

Scene Events & ADD-INS

Graphic artists can define commands or actions at “on scene” events like On Trigger, On Named Event, On Scene Prepare, and On Scene unload. Scene add-ins make it possible to data bind the WASP3D scene elements to a data source which results in a dynamic update of information while the scene is on-air.

Flexible Output Formats

WASPi Mimosa is designed to provide multiple video outputs simultaneously. While most touchscreen displays require a DVI input, television stations also require SD/HD SDI signals for broadcast production, thus the WASPi Mimosa system provides both formats simultaneously.


WASPi Mimosa is compatible with all touchscreens that support the Microsoft Windows 7 touch specifications.

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