WAX or the WASP Asset Exchange is a tool designed for sharing, managing and distributing media assets across local and remote locations. WAX provides the flexibility to centralize high-end graphics in one location or follow a distributed model where all stations collaborate and submit graphic assets that can be accessed by everyone across the network. WAX can be configured with MOS-compliant software plug-ins that integrate with most popular newsroom control systems like ENPS, Avid iNEWS, NorCom, Octopus, among others. This allows journalists and producers to access news, images and graphic elements in order to quickly create graphics using templates and simply drag and drop such media into a news rundown. The templates and high resolution images are stored on local servers as part of a distributed archiving and database management system.

WAX also streamlines the process of data cataloguing and storage for easier access and distribution of assets. It provides users the flexibility to search for assets based on metadata and provides a thumbnail view of media-assets for easier navigation. The easy-to-use drag & drop feature in WAX allows users to transfer assets directly into the Drone Designer, DataBuzz and all other WASP3D modules. WAX supports most formats including graphics and video file formats such as TGA, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, IMX, DV25, DV50, DVCPro, AVI, MOV, WMV, QuickTime, AI, SWF, H.264 to name a few

Key Features

Centralized Online Repository

Anywhere, anytime access to content. All media assets reside online providing direct access to Designer as well as Journalist stations simultaneously. Powerful Search tool enables quick asset hunt within a simple drag-n’-drop workflow based interface

Intelligent Distribution Mechanism

WAX Distribution Server takes distribution automation one step further by providing Playlist and Instance level synchronization of data and media assets. Selective, region-based deployment of content is made possible using Server Groups.

Integration With Order Management System

WASP Asset Exchange fully integrates with the WASP Work Order Management System enabling deployment of media assets created as a result of job order execution to graphic instances contained within rundowns.


WAX takes advantage of a multi-level, hierarchical distribution workflow comprising of the WAX Client, the WAX Server and the WAX Distribution Server – the central, online data repository and management system.

Wax Client

The WAX Client serves as a front-end interface residing in the designer and journalist workstations to provide simple drag & drop access to media assets such as images, videos, shapes, 3D models etc. All instances of the WAX Client at a broadcast station stay connected to a local WAX Server installation and are able to access all catalogues contained within its database.
At the core of the WAX Client interface is a comprehensive search tool which allows users to locate media assets based on simple metadata tags or delve deeper through advanced search filters such as creation date or time-stamps, author’s name, file type and other criteria

Wax Server

The WAX Server works in tandem with the WAX Client and acts as a data bank which keeps track of all media assets used within a station’s workflow including RSS Feeds, NRCS catalogues and other sources.
The user interface allows adding media assets with categorical segregation to existing catalogues and also provides data entry fields to populate metadata, keywords, etc. All changes made are instantly reflected across the network to all active WAX Clients.

Wax Distribution Server

In addition to the locally housed WAX Server/Client workflow, the WAX Distribution Server takes care of data synchronization and replication routines across all remote locations within a broadcast network and also serves as an online central repository for all media assets so they may be accessible 24 x 7. These remote locations can communicate with the central WAX Distribution Server via various methods such as Ethernet, Satellite, and FTP. The WAX Distribution Server streamlines content deployment and offers the following advantages:
Data Replication & Sync
All changes made to the media assets within the WAX Distribution Server’s catalogues are transmitted and replicated across all WAX Servers in the network and consequently, to all active WAX Clients at remote locations.

Playlist & Instance-Level Sync
In addition to data replication, the Distribution Server offers sophisticated playlist and instance level synchronization capabilities. Updates made to any playlist residing on the Distribution Server are replicated to all remote WAX Servers. The Distribution Server utilizes an internal version-control algorithm to create new instances within updated playlists while transferring required media assets, if any. However, if an instance already exists, the version-check mechanism automatically decides if only data changes are required or the existing instance is to be overwritten completely.

Region/Group Based Sync
Remote locations can be selectively assigned inside “Groups” on the WAX Distribution Server thereby providing its users full control over regional content.Remote locations can be selectively assigned inside “Groups” on the WAX Distribution Server thereby providing its users full control over regional content.

Removal Of Duplicates
The synchronization mechanism utilized by the WAX Distribution Server rules out duplication of data and actively takes measures to rule out any existing duplicates within the central database.

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