Social Media Tree

WASP3D's Social Media Tree enables broadcasters to ingest and manage social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook and others to generate data driven graphics without writing a single line of code. The Social Media Tree workflow engine allows the broadcaster to apply a unique “Three Stage Filter“ methodology (Define, Moderate & Control) to the incoming content, filtering the undesired and ensuring that the desired content is delivered on-air. Integrating social media feeds with data driven graphics in real time is a proven method for broadcasters to interact with the viewing public during developing news stories and live events.

Social Media Tree provides broadcasters with intelligence gathering tools to analyse and devise new ways to “data mine” for emerging patterns in a breaking news story or simply engaging with their audience by collecting opinion polls about their programs, trending topics, advertising campaigns, contests and other live interactions with the viewing public.

Content Management Process


  • Identify the subject to be monitored in the social media feeds.
  • Create a corresponding template in WASP3D Drone Designer to interact with the data feeds
  • Integrate the Social Media data elements from the Add-in to the graphic elements.


Define shows and topics using the Social Media Tree workflow engine.


Choose the item(s) to be sent to Playout engine from the pool containing moderated content

Key Features

Web based interface with integrated workflow engine for content moderation and on-air control:

The Social Media Tree's web interface provides users with a centralized control of the various social media services. All services are grouped under a topic which provides a unified view of the ingested content. The workflow engine is designed for a collaborative workflow and the tasks are shared between editorial and production teams.

Three stage Filter Methodology:

Social Media Tree's three stage filter technology is instrumental in filtering out junk content at different levels including blocked word dictionaries, nuisance participants, and user defined functions.

User Rights Management

Rights management is built-in to the system, which allows the administrator to restrict access to different sections of the workflow.

Hierarchy based organization of content

Social media subjects are organized under a topic which can easily be correlated to a story within a broadcast workflow. Topics are organized under a show, where each show can have multiple topics and each topic can have multiple social media sources.

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