Nectar, the WASP3D Channel Branding system, provides broadcasters tools to produce, sync, schedule, automate and play out visually engaging real- time 3D graphics for branding, advertising and promotional purposes. Nectar's network-based workflow is scalable, catering to single and multi-channel networks.

Workflow Features

Schedule Synchronization

Nectar imports run-orders produced by third-party scheduling software. These same run-orders are used both by Nectar and the automation system, resulting in the rundowns becoming synchronized between the two so any last minute modifications in the automation system will be reflected in the WASP playlist as well.

Rules Based Automated & Manual Graphics Insertion

WASP3D graphics can automatically be inserted using logic driven, offset based rules that can easily be created for data insertion in secondary events. The life time of these rules can be defined, thus eliminating the need to manually add all the secondary events to the Automation Systems rundown. Alternatively, users also have the added functionality to manually insert secondary event graphics

Rundown Scheduling for Advertisements.

The traffic department can make use of the graphics scheduling functionality to generate and populate the WASP3D playlist. The advertisements slots allow users to define the number of times an advertisement graphic is to be played, along with the date and time of its schedule, generating an as-run log

Key Design Features

Drone Designer is the graphics template creation module for the channel branding system. Some of the features that are useful in channel branding are:

Analog & Digital Clocks

User designed Digital & Analog Clock functions can display multiple clocks simultaneously with time offsets. The clock add-in lets users wire (i.e. link) any scene object as a hand of a clock.

Scrollers & Rolls

Easily create 3D scrollers and rolls and connect them to external data sources such RSS feeds, Excel and SQL databases among others.

Inter & Intra Scene logic based triggers

Triggers can be generated within a scene or across multiple scenes. When multiple wasp scenes are simultaneously played, the scene triggers can automatically modify the position, animation of the templates. E.g. When a lower-third Scroller is on-air, the next graphics triggered can be positioned to appear above the lower-third. When the lower-third is not On-air, the graphic can appear at its original position.

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