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92 News, also known as 92 News HD, Channel 92, an Urdu language channel. Based out of Pakistan

Compelling & engaging content is the key when higher ratings are a priority for captivating viewers or to rope in more advertisers. A television studio of any size need not spend millions of dollars to create multiple hard sets but simply adopt a virtual set system. Broadcasters can now manipulate the studio backdrop in real-time, insert computer generated 3D graphics, add people from remote locations and execute many more exciting visual techniques to enhance viewership.

The WASP3D Virtual Set system

The WASP3D Virtual Set system enables broadcasters to immerse interactive graphics into the CG environment. It is a unique system by WASP3D, whose offerings range from complex tracking, augmented graphics to inexpensive trackless virtual set.

Tracked Virtual Set

Broadcasters seeking, flexible, fast, modular and scalable system, which is compatible with almost any tracking system like NCAM, MO-SYS, Stype, Shotoku opt for WASP3D Tracked VS. The system (TVS) is best suited for channels with any size studio space willing to transform their presentations into one that is visually more interesting and engaging. The system can ingest tracking data from various camera sensing devices and lenses into 3D virtual set scenes. The WASP3D Drone designer has an inbuilt virtual camera which accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus data coming from the physical camera and the perspective to match the 3D virtual environments as the physical camera moves in real-time.

Unique Functionalities of the Virtual Set System which comes with an inbuilt VS Controller Application


The Virtual Set system allows the creation of a Garbage Matte layer over a composite output masking out any unnecessary physical studio detail beyond the Chroma area. This enables broadcasters to depict vast infinite 3D spaces in their productions even though a small green/blue Chroma-key wall is used is a small area

Delay Control

The WASP3D VS Controller application is able to delay the computer - generated background by a certain number of frames in relation to the delay caused by the video processing resulting in a perfectly tracked, composite output. Additionally, users may also choose to introduce a delay between the incoming tracking data from the physical camera and the final composite output for a finely adjusted sync.

Third-Party Hardware Integration

Adapting to a broadcaster's preferred workflows, the WASP3D Virtual Set system can be easily set up to accommodate and integrate with popular third-party hardware for Chroma-keying and video-routine.

In Built Chroma Keyer

The WASP3D Virtual Set system comes with a powerful inbuilt internal Chroma-keyer functionality that uses standard green or blue screen presets and can tackle a custom defined key color with ease. Designers can find extensive controls over Chroma attributes such as black level, white level, levels correction, alpha correction, edge erosion as well as pre-processing effects over the incoming live video within a consolidated and comprehensive GUI. This eliminates the need to add any extra Chroma keyer hardware, like the one from Ultimatte. The internal Chroma-Key function also provides post-process controls to adjust the Hue, Brightness, Contrast and Saturation of the Chroma-keyed output. Additionally, users may choose to adjust a particular color range from the incoming live video feed and fine-tune the color response using a simple tolerance value.

Integrated Router Control Mechanism

The WASP3D VS Controller application allows producers to seamlessly connect to and host any third-party video router interface within its own GUI providing a higher level of ease and flexibility of use during operations. Third-party applications may establish communication with the Virtual Set controller using TCP/IP, RS-422 and other popular industry-standard interfaces

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